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﹣我們的團隊 ﹣

Staff Profile

Francis Kwok

Francis retired from his teaching post in a Catholic secondary school with 30 years of frontline experience. He started working with us since 2008.  As head of the counseling panel and religious studies in his education career,  he had developed his model of counseling and pastoral care of teenagers.  His coaching support to our gifted students in their transition to university and workplace has been invaluable.  His passion in teaching and learning has inspired gifted and talented children who have been struggling with complex learning difficulties e.g. attention deficit, Asperger syndrome, disorganization, and performance anxiety, to overcome their barriers bit by bit, step by step. In addition, his expertise in supporting the parents and teacher training are great asset to the community that we serve.  He is the key member of our dream team!

瑪竇(太)18:3-4「我實在告訴你們: 你們若不變成如同小孩一樣, 你們決不能進入天國。所以, 誰若自謙自卑如同這一個小孩, 這人就是天國中最大的。」~Francis

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